When I decided not to be ill and why……

When I was 17 years old, yes, I was 17 years old when the doctor walked in and told me but I had high blood pressure for life. 17 years old I have received a death sentence. I received a restriction on my life. I was a decided 3 sport athlete. I could kick balls lift weights run 40-yard dashes as good as any of them. I was an honor student I was a witty character and I was TERRIFIED. What if, what If, what if, would have my heart stop in the middle of football game or a wrestling meet. What if my heart stopped in the middle of a big kiss and became a long kiss goodnight? What if my heart stop in the middle of my sleep? Those what ifs are not acceptable to me even as they TERRIFIED me.

And these are 5 mindful tips to outline for you what I did so you can do for you what you need to do for you.

  1.  T.A.G Practice gratitude  
  2. envision the people you wish to have life with
  3.  envision a joy of having that life with those people
  4.  take the first step in designing the plan towards your goal
  5. live in the moment with your goal
  1.  Take 7 deep breath in through your nose and drink living water first thing in the morning
  2.  ingest healthy oils and teas before 9 AM
  3. Start with easily digestible foods that contain water- and water-soluble fiber around 11:00 AM
  4. Take a midday walk or have a stretch

Eat protein and greens in the warmest part of the day and be done with solids by 7:00 PM